Raleigh is blessed with a great location, a great climate and a great quality of life. We are consistently on the lists of top cities to live, start a business or get a quality education. But the accolades will continue only if we invest in our future.

As mayor, I will focus on these six areas:

  • Housing Affordability. If we don’t offer housing choices, how can we build an inclusive community for all? Click here to read my 10-point plan to ensure we create housing choices and affordability for all residents of our city, allowing the construction of accessory dwelling units by right, encouraging missing middle housing and density along transit corridors, and incentivizing developers to build workforce housing.
  • Transportation and Mobility. Transportation options go hand-in-hand with housing affordability. If people can get to work by riding transit, it’s less expensive than car ownership and also better for the environment. But we need to do more. We need to make it safer to walk, ride bikes and travel by scooter with protected bike lanes. We need to tie land use decisions to transit, embracing smart growth strategies. We need to plan for the future by rethinking parking requirements and partnering with the private sector to meet our transportation goals.

  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Helping people reach their dreams by building Raleigh-based businesses should be a priority. Ensuring that underserved populations receive job training and exposure to the jobs of the future is a must. And encouraging new thinking and efficiencies inside and outside city government will make us a better city. To accomplish this, we need leaders who embrace new thinking and are not fearful of change. 
  • Dix Park. During my 10 years on the Council, we worked hard to make Dix Park a reality, purchasing the property from the state. This was no easy feat. We now have an opportunity to create a world-class park -- but I don't want to wait 20 years to get started. As Mayor, I am leading an effort to fund Phase One, a $31 million Children's Play Area that will attract visitors and families to the Dix property.
  • Homelessness. More than 1,000 people in Wake County are homeless and more than 3,400 children don’t have a stable place to sleep at night. That’s unacceptable. Oak City Cares, a collaboration supported by the City of Raleigh, Wake County, Catholic Charities and other non-profits, will provide services to our homeless community. But that’s only the beginning. We must do more to help our homeless veterans and women  – and work with Wake County to realize these goals.
  • Respect for City Staff. Some current City Council members think it is perfectly fine to publicly criticize city staff. Would you like to go to work every day and have your boss publicly slam you? Of course not! As Mayor, I will ensure this disrespectful and damaging behavior is stopped. I will empower staff to do their jobs and encourage them to bring forward big ideas to ensure that our city grows and prospers – and that we truly are a 21st century city of innovation.